Social Responsibility

Our key aim as a producer and marketer of our various alcoholic brands is that our customers enjoy our products in a responsible manner and that they have a positive experience through the consumption of our products. In a wider context, we are committed to supporting the initiatives set by the Goa Excise Department and the Indian Government in relation to the responsible consumption and promotion of alcoholic beverages.

As a responsible manufacturer, Rhea Distilleries has a commitment to ensure that its brands are promoted and enjoyed in a socially acceptable manner. We wish to encourage those adults who choose to drink to do so in a responsible manner and to avoid the misuse of alcohol. We would like consumers to enjoy our brands in moderation, in an appropriate manner. Although we accept that we have a responsibility to encourage consumers to drink in moderation we also firmly believe that every individual has an obligation to consume alcohol in a sensible fashion.

When possible we aim to work with our distributors/wholesalers to ensure that they share our beliefs in the responsible consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages.
As well as encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol we are also committed to the following objectives:

  • Discourage underage drinking.
  • Clearly state alcohol content on all packaging.
  • Encourage consumers not to drink and drive.
  • Implement responsible marketing, sponsorship, and promotional campaigns.

Green Distilling

The Distilling Industry, in common with other industries, impacts on the environment in many different ways, such as consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources and it is a source, both directly and indirectly of atmospheric emissions and trade effluent. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of non-fossil fuel is the cornerstone of Rhea Distillery’s efforts to make manufacturing more sustainable and support a low carbon economy.

We use briquettes made out of agricultural waste to fuel our steam boiler for use in our production process thereby reducing the carbon footprint on our environment. The effluent produced as a result of our production process is treated in our in-house effluent treatment plant which converts it into a thick sludge which is sold as cattle feed and the treated wastewater is used for gardening.

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